Folkz app

Love your Contacts again!

Folkz app will help you to reconciliate with your address book thanks to powerful features like voice memos, locations, groups, backups and more ...


Group your contacts

Folkz will help you to organize your contacts into groups and allow you reaching your family members, teammates or colleagues more easily.


Clean your contacts

Time for some cleaning of your address book, no worries, have a seat and let Folkz handle the heavy task hence you will just need to confirm some suggestions.


Backup or Export your contacts

Folkz will allow you to backup your contacts, transfer or export them to any device or location. Two formats are possible .csv for Excel and .vcf for VCard

We are in Beta

We are looking for Beta testers. If you want to be the first to test Folkz and be part of the early adopters just provide us your email address and we will add you to our TestFlight program.

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